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In an athlete’s career, time is short, and nothing is guaranteed, especially your health. Our Apti Performance Program is the comprehensive coaching package you need in your corner. Elevate your game and ensure you’re available for every event possible. Our small group training is a highly popular way to train with us, combining semi-individualized programs within a supportive small group setting. Our coaches devote ample time to help you improve various aspects of your game. We continuously refine our training methods based on the latest research, all with the goal of enhancing your performance and durability.


Key Features of Apti Performance Program:

Personal Strength & Conditioning Coach


At Apti, your care plan will not only include what you need to recover from injury but also training as to how to do the excercises properly so you prevent injury and so that your sessions contribute positively to maximize results.

Performance Testing


We invest significantly in top-notch testing equipment to create the most effective program for you. Testing sessions help identify and address any issues promptly to enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injuries.
Superior Strength Development

Superior Strength Development:

Strength forms the foundation of speed and power, as well as a reduced risk of injury in your sport. Our systems are continually refined to ensure your strength needs are met.
Speed Enhancement


Professional athletes stand out due to their speed and skillset. At Apti, we work through your recovery process and work on excercises specific to your sport, so that your skillset improves alongside your injuries with a prevention-first approach.

Professional-Grade Recovery


Recovery is just as important as training. At Apti, we use top of the line equipment so that you get the tools you need to enjoy a speedy recovery.

Access to a Full Medical Team


Injuries can happen, and when they do, you need rapid and accurate assessments. Within Apti, we’re here to get you back to your normal as quickly as possible.


This program is designed after a thorough musculoskeletal screening. Thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of a professional athlete, recreational weekend warriors or just someone who wants to lead a healthy and fit life.




Apti is excited to announce a customized injury prevention program which offers a cumulative treatment approach, which will help prevent aches and injuries and thus will help improve quality of life.

This is a detailed physiotherapy assessment and pre-participation examination focusing on finding the possible sources of injury and aids in planning a prehab program. it focuses on the prevention of injury and enhancing performance.

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We Offer a Group Discount On MSK Screening

MSK Screening involves a comprehensive assessment of individuals engaged in sports through the use of specific standardized tests and procedures. This process provides valuable insights into various aspects of the individual’s physical composition.

Paolo Vaiano - Soccer Player

Paolo Vaiano

Canadian Soccer Player

Soccer is more than just a sport; it’s a way of life for some, a passion that drives individuals to give their all. For Paolo Vaiano, the beautiful game has been a part of his life since he was just six years old. Fast forward to the present day, and he’s lighting up the field as a prominent player for Prostars League 1, a semi-professional soccer club based in Ontario.
Paolo’s journey into the world of soccer started with a bit of familial influence. His father, a soccer enthusiast himself, introduced him to the sport, and it didn’t take long for young Paolo to fall in love with it. Since that day, he’s never looked back, dedicating his life to the game.
But like any athlete, Paolo has faced his fair share of challenges, particularly in the form of hamstring and calf issues.
Harbhajan Singh - Indian cricketer

Harbhajan Singh

Indian cricketer

I would like to thank you for your great work with me during my important playing days for indian cricket team. People often talk about our performances on the field but no one really knows what goes behind the scene. I remember while I was preparing for the test match series in Sri Lanka 2015/16.
I got badly injured my left shoulder non bowling arm which is more important than right shoulder for bowling. it was so much in pain that I couldn’t lift my arm up. I didn’t have much time in my hands as tour was to start in next ten days so I was actually deciding to pull out my name from the team.
JEEV MILKHA SINGH - Professional Golfer


Professional Golfer

At the outset, let me thank you for looking after me and helping me get back to fitness from the debilitating and career-threatening shoulder injury.
I have no doubt that your knowledge and understanding of the human body – especially what we athletes have to go through – played a big role in getting me back on the golf course.
I wish you all the best for the future and will be happy to recommend any injured sportsperson to seek your consultancy.
Jeremy Gordon - Canadian cricketer & fast bowler

Jeremy Gordon

Canadian cricketer & fast bowler

I met Ravi this year (2019) during the Global T20 league in Canada where he was the appointed Physiotherapist for my team, the Toronto Nationals.

Ravi is very knowledgeable and a proven professional. He is accommodating and extremely patient with the services / support he provides.

Ravi treated and advised me regularly during my time as a fast bowler at the Global T20 Tournament. I had a few niggles and was struggling with lower back and shoulder pain.

Chris Green - Australian Cricket Player

Chris Green

Australian Cricket Player

I had the pleasure of being treated by Ravi during the recent GT20 in Canada in 2019 as a part of the Toronto Nationals Cricket Team. His professionalism and care for all the players was really impressive to witness. For me personally he helped me deal with lower body stiffness, in particular through my hips and lower back, which ensured I was able to compete on the field to the best of my ability. I can recommend Ravi to any athlete/sportsperson who required physio treatment in order to get back on, or remain on the track/field/etc competing and doing what they love to do!


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